Our Story

Businessman Niall Hodge built Malin Court in 1973 to serve as a retirement community where residents can retain their independence while receiving care. The unique building now houses the care facilities, a hotel and a restaurant which, as well as benefiting the residents, serve the wider community.

We believe that care should not be isolating and that residents should feel at home and happy while staying with us.

Malin Court has strong ties to the local community including the nearby Maidens Primary who regularly visit to entertain residents. We encourage family and friends to make use of the hotel and restaurant facilities.

Malin Court is an excellent care home with a unique and beneficial combination of hotel. This makes the place a lively in a way that an ordinary care home cannot be and I am sure helps the staff keep in good spirits as well as benefiting the residents directly.

At Malin Court, we aim to provide the highest level of care allowing you to enjoy your retirement in comfort and safety.

Why Malin Court?

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