Food and Nutrition

As Malin Court is also a Hotel, residents can enjoy their meals in the Hotel restaurant, the residents’ conservatory or in their own apartment.

Menus are prepared daily and provide a varied and nutritional selection ensuring that all cultural and dietary needs are catered for. We are able to provide meals that suit individual needs or preferences including chopped or liquidised foods and adapted cutlery and crockery.

Our nursing staff and dietitian will help you on an individual basis to ensure you are meeting all of your dietary and nutritional needs. If you are in need of assistance to eat, our care team will support you and, if needed, will monitor your fluid intake.

All meals are prepared in the hotel kitchen by our team of dedicated chefs. Kitchen staff are trained to a high level in Food Hygiene and are aware of difficulties that may affect a resident eating.

Morning and Afternoon tea (including fresh home baking) as well as bedtime drinks are served to residents in their apartment or in the resident lounges, no set time is required, just ask!

At Malin Court, we aim to provide the highest level of care allowing you to enjoy your retirement in comfort and safety.

Why Malin Court?

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