Respite Care

In today’s world, a growing number of families care for their elderly parents and may find it difficult to get away for a break. Malin Court can provide a caring and trusted environment for you when your primary care is unavailable.

Respite care is also recommended for those wishing to become residents of Malin Court. A short care break can help you to decide if residential care is the right step for you and that you’ll feel at home in Malin Court.

For some years now we have had an association with the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow. We provide a respite care holiday to the terminally ill who would otherwise not be able to afford the stay and this cost is borne by the Turnberry Trust – please ask us for details.

At Malin Court, we aim to provide the highest level of care allowing you to enjoy your retirement in comfort and safety.

Why Malin Court?

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